Totally 80's Collection

May 13, 2020

It has taken me a little bit to feel brave enough to write all of this down, as how I came up with my Totally 80's Collection is a little bit personal.    Bear with me as this story unfolds and my mind finally puts words to some thoughts and memories.   

I grew up the youngest of 8 children.  My brothers and sisters were quite a bit older than me.   My sister, Suzy, was my star.   I loved her with all of my heart, and looked up to her so much.  I thought everything about her was so cool, from her perfectly feathered hair, to her lemon yellow and lime green bedroom.   She was 13 years older than me and was so good to let me follow her around like a little puppy.  She moved out on her own when I was very, very little.   When I was a little older, I think around 6 or 7 years old, I was allowed to go to her apartment and spend the night.  She made me spaghetti....with mushrooms in it!  I had never had mushrooms, but man, oh man, I loved them so much.   She made me chocolate chip cookies, that in my child's mind and memory, were as big around as my head.  And, her perfectly feathered hair had been cut into this really rad  "Flock of Seagulls" shaggy, spiky, funky cut.  Her natural makeup was traded for some cool blue eye shadow, and I have to confess, she may have put some on me that night.  But what I remember most was the music.   The wonderful stacks of vinyl albums that she had, and the fact that we could crank the volume without anyone telling us to turn it down.  That night is a memory forever seared into my mind.   At home, I was not allowed to listen to pop music.  At Suzy's nothing was off limits.  That night I heard Prince's Purple Rain Album for the first time.  We danced on her coffee table to Kenny Loggins Foot Loose, hopped around the living room singing Come on Eilene, mumbled Heart of Glass at the tops of our lungs, and even did a little head banging to Ratt.   80's music, dancing with my sister, and that night will always be so special to me.  It changed my whole perspective on music and what I enjoyed listening to.  To this day, I still love 80's music and keep a chanel of it on my Pandora.  What is most special to me still, is my sister.  My Suzy. I think it was that night with my sister and the memory of singing and dancing with her that inspired my 80's collection.  This collection is very special to me and holds a lot of emotion in the colors.  I hope that you love the colors as much as I do, and that they are able to help you recall memories of your own, or make some new ones.